november goals

It’s getting darker and colder out and so are my emotions. I sick of feeling ambiguously bored and was motivated to write some goals for the month! I used a template of topics and three goals for each. Friends/family (which I separated), romance, health, legacy, fun & adventure, and self care. Some goals are for the whole month, some a week and some just to accomplish once.

What are ways you create goals for yourself?

Here’s mine:



  • dinner or drinks w/Jess+Cody
  • Tobz parents or sibling
  • dinner or game night with parents


  • cook a meal for some (maybe a friendsgiving)
  • large party or game night
  • get drinks to catch up


  • surprise T with something thoughtful
  • plan a date together
  • leave a note in his car


  • morning meditation
  • phone detox
  • find a book of self growth


  • walk buff x4 a week
  • gym x3 a week
  • one sugar or one bread a day


  • save $1000
  • start a gratitude journal
  • blog weekly


  • update resume/cover letter
  • 5 year plan
  • class


  • plan vacation
  • date w/Edee for her bday
  • hike



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