dream job

I have in my head a fake dream job. Something where I love what I do and make a lot of money. In this fake life I am also so happy. I know this isn’t real. And I know it’s not actually what I want. But I still feel guilty for not “pursuing my dream” (which I don’t have).

When work is going well, I start to question myself and wonder what I’m doing with my life. I would like to look at work as a wonderful place to make money. And that’s it. I can gain friendship or knowledge, but I don’t need validation to like myself.



  1. Envision yourself at the current job you have happy. Then make it so.
  2. Find tasks that are meaningful to you even if no one cares, like cleaning or organizing.
  3. If you feel in your soul you should be doing something else, then leave and do something else.


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