coat “collection”

Coats are important in the PNW. We have weather. It gets cold and it rains. But we also have a variety of weather. I need a coat to be warm, make me feel cute and not be similar to another. Here are my coats. Below are letters I’ve written to each of them.

weather proof // penfield

fluffy // free people

leather // topshop


Dear Penfield,
I really love you. I ‘ve had all sorts of weather proof coats over the years but none like you. You are perfect. You’ve been there for beach walks, dogs walks, rain walks, all walks. I ask so much of you and you always deliver. Thank you.

Dearest fluffy Free People coat,
You are an attention hoe. Everyone loves you. People compliment you nonstop. You also have a strong gross dirty vibe to you. You make be feel cool. Thank you.

To my Top Shop “leather” jacket-
I want to love you. You replaced my old peeling go to leather jacket but I’m just not quit in love with you yet. You squeak win I walk and are always so shiny. I’m learning everyday how to take more from you. Thank you for always polishing off my look with a little BA.

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