makeup “collection”

essentials (aka the goal): foundation with spf to smooth out redness, eyebrow pencil, mascara, bronzer + brush, lip tint.

extras: eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, powder, lipstick


I don’t know if I can tell myself “less is more” one more time. I don’t understand why I’m not listening. I’ve been trying to simplify the makeup I have and my routine in the morning. It honestly has been tricky trying to replace things or use less. Today in the mail I received a 15% off sephora coupon. I immediately went only to shop for what I could need/want!  Instead of ordering anything, I went to my makeup drawer to assess if there was in thing I could replace or was empty. Turns out, I don’t need anything.

goals: replacing items for cruelty free & spending less then $20 a month on “beauty”.

brushes: sephora
blush: nars
concealer: nars
mascara: benefit
primer & tint: nars
bronzer: physical formula, replacing my nars bronzer

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