travel prep shopping


I love packing. Almost as much as I love unpacking. I think its excited to make outfits and combos with only what your traveling with. Whenever I travel, even for a short weekend, I love planning what I’m going to bring before I open the suitcase and grab whatever looks good. The grab and go technique works but I usually dramatically over pack or forget key items.

But when it comes to packing for a vacation I tend to over shop! It’s a perfect excuse for new clothes and products, right? Wrong. I have plenty. I love what I have.

Travel size– yeah that’s ok. Only if I can refill for each trip or toss before flying/driving home.

Outfit planning– this is wear I’m screwed. You start dreaming of outfits to wear and then buy new things to fill a fake goal. Typically, for me, it’s fast fashion I’ll donate right when I get home. I can apply my rule of 3 here.

The Rule of Three (future solo blog to come), is a simple guideline for justifying a purchase. All you have to do is list three different instances or scenarios for the item.

For example: A BIG HAT

1. Pool party
2. Road trip
3. “Brunch” which is kinda a fake one but if you make yourself do it it’s real.

BONUS: Ask my boyfriend. Honestly, he knows my closet and budget better then most. Lol.


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