jewelry “collection”

I don’t love jewelry. It starts to bother me and I take it off. So its easy for me to know when I love something or not. Most of my jewelry just adds a little something to the way I feel in a outfit. Most pieces are sentimental but a few are novelty that bring my joy. The only too I NEED are
1. my crystal. I love it. Tobz got it for me at a street fair.
2. my “rebecca” necklace. I wanted this so bad and bestie got it for me for my bday.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

other: Pisces Necklace from my sister*. It’s the perfect amount of delicate. American Flag Pin because I’m the president. I took it from my mom. Smiley Face Earrings taken from my older cousin. 80’s Watch, literally from target two years ago. Sometimes I love watchers. Silver Jasmine Bracelet sister got it for me on a trip to Mexico. Pisces Bracelet I just like it right now*. Harry Potter Cuff. I like it*. Rose Quartz Ring, got this on etsy. lol.

Storage: small earring and ring holder was from my grandmother, large holder is an old board game piece. (pretty pretty princess).


*last chance

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