note to self.

Dear Becca,

I want to take a moment to tell you that I appreciate you.

I like the way you obsess over planning. I like the way you’ve been paying attention to the way things make you feel. I like the things you think are important. I like the things you used to think were important and don’t care about now. I like the way you love your friends and family. I like the way you care about the garden. I like the way you care if others are having fun. I’ve spent my life liking you.

It’s ok that you don’t always like things you do or say. It’s ok to feel guilty about not being the best friend you can be. It’s ok that you like pasta. It’s ok you haven’t reach your money goals. It’s ok you don’t always love your body. It’s ok you don’t always want to work. It’s ok to not be your best.

I want you to know that you are liked & ok, even when you won’t accept it. I want you remember that everyone else is also trying there best. I want you to practice the act of more. More love for yourself, more love for others, more time for walks, more time to eat, more to work out, more to time read, more to timestudy, more time to play, more time plan, more time for sun, more. Right now you are blessed with more.

As always–