bag “collection”

cont. of my collection series.  A series where I photograph and look at one category of my possessions to help rid myself of unnecessary clutter.

photoshoot via my trampoline

Ok. So I definitely feel like I want to downsize but am having a hard time because of how much I paid for each bag. Each on I loved at a time and I’m afraid I’ll regret downsizing.

–vintage dooney & burke: $30 secondhand
–marc by marc jacobs purple crossbody: $200 from nordstrom rack

–longchamp tote– $190
-vera bradley duffle– $? gift
–marc by marc jacobs black crossbody– $300
–cape town wallet: ?
–shiney pouch: h&m $6
–marc by marc jacobs wallet: $200
–lemon pouch: oldnavy $5
–backpack: $100

How do you get rid of something you spent too much on???

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