shoe “collection”

Collections are a minimalist nightmare. You like something and then keep wanting more just because they are similar. When it comes to shoes, I don’t feel like I have too many because each serves a unique purpose. But really– how many do I really need. If they are uncomfortable or too used, maybe it’s time to move on. My problem lies in that I go to try and get rid of some but love pairs too much.

Also I can find a way to justify any shoe. I’m going to try and only have shoes I need. So I’m going to make little categories for myself and put the shoes in order. Below is every pair I have (minus my slippers). I want to do this collection series because it takes a bit of effort and thoughtfulness. Each item is photographed and explained. Here’s what I got:

–target nude heels*
–free people clogs ❤
–jeffery campbell boots. I wear these ALL THE TIME

gym shoes/dog walking shoes
–vans ❤
–stan smith*

–jeffery campbell litas
–fp clear blue heel mules
–stuart weitzman*

boots ❤
–doc martins (I never wear these. This fall is there last chance)*
–jeffery campbell rain boots.
–steve madden zipper boots

–adidas slides, lets be real I try to wear these year round
–franco slides & bp slides*, this might be there last summer 😦



*on there way out. try and sell?

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