disneyland— prep

Todays post is mostly for myself. Me & Tobias have been going back and forth for what vacation to take and how to get a deal. We finally decided: we are going to disneyland for 4 days!! (you are totally invite) I’ve been doing all the initial planning and reading 100 mom blogs filled with “pro tips”. Honestly I hate them but they are so helpful. The cutest tip I heard was a mom gives her kids glow-sticks to put on there wrists for the dark rides so that they feel safe. So sweet. Breaks my heart a little. My goal is to not get so caught up in the disney magic that I forget about not overspending and remaining true to not buying things. 

Below I’m typing out some of my budging and planning. Honestly, you don’t care.



BUDGET: $1500-2000 for both

FLIGHTS: Flying in to SNA for shorter travel time and cheaper uber. I want to spend all my time at Disneyland and not in traffic. The tickets are maybe $50 more, but I’m saving 3 hours and the uber roundtrip should be $30 or less. (might also uber to in-n-out). The vans from LAX to the hotels are $100 roundtrip for both of us. Budget for flights >$400.

HOTEL: I think we are going to go with the “good neighbor” hotels across the street. I can book them with our tickets and save. Should be ~$100 a night. (The Anaheim Hotel= $515)

TICKETS: No deals there. $740 for a 5 day pass.

FOOD: $30 a day. Mickey pretzels daily.

–flights $464.78
–hotel + disney tickets $1355.70 with maxpass (surprise for tobz)
–uber estimate $100 (includes to and from airport and hopefully a trip to in-n-out)
–food $79.52

TOTAL : $2000

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