disneyland— food

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I’m a vegetarian and I hate being hungry. I also have a hard time ordering food I haven’t seen. So me and the internet spend lots of time “researching” images. Disneyland has a good amount of food options but it’s still so risky. And I shouldn’t live off of Mickey pretzels & cheese. Also I did that once and you don’t feel as cute after the second. So this time I’ve planned out a few more options for WHEN we get hungry. I did a lot of instagram creeping to get here.


CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE: Lamplight Lounge: Donuts and Ratatouille, Cozy Cone: Chilli Cone Queso, Mac n’ Cheese (spicy), Smokejumpers Grill: BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich, Wine Country Trattoria: Spaghetti Aglio

DISNEYLAND: Carnation Cafe: Mickey Waffles (bfast), Jolly Holiday: Grilled cheese & Soup, Everywhere (Frontierland (around the corner from Big Thunder Mountain) or in a cart on Main Street near the Walt Disney statue): Mickey Pretzels w/cheese, Cafe Orleans: Pomme Frites, New Orleans Square: Gumbo in Bread Bowl, Rancho de Zocalo (Frontierland): Monterey Tacos, Burrito Sonora, Tostada Salad all ordered “fajita style”, Red Rose Taverne: Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich ( and maybe Gaston’s Brew), Mint Julep Bar: Mint Juleps & Beignets (Mickey shaped),


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