skincare “collection”

Like any collection I think I need more to complete it. For my skincare routine, my 2019 new year’s resolution was to step up my skincare and actually take care of it. But in the process of I’ve started enjoying shopping for it and adding more and more. I only need the essentials. I’ll use up what I have, but replace the excess. So many beauty websites say I need so many steps for perfect skin. I’m creating my own.

Also, as always I want to start using ethical products and not be spending so much.

AM- wash face, moisturize, work days-move on to makeup routine, days off- try and start off with bare skin. (good luck self!)
PM- wash face, problem products (anti-aging/zip cream), moisturize

Products I use now:
philosophy purity face wash
philosophy exfoliating face wash
lush tea tree serum
philosophy help me anti-aging cream
philosophy moisture cream

one cleanser
one moistruizer
one booster, maybe spot zit repair
be able to share with Tobias so we will have less stuff in the shower

This is just FACE, not body, or make up. Self– keep it simple.

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