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I find applying minimalism to my stuff is easy. Removing the clutter that is taking over my surfaces. But how can we declutter relationships and obligations?  It’s easy to make rules like- “I don’t do anything  I don’t want to do.” Which I think is missing the point. If minimalism is to clear clutter so you have clarity and peace, I don’t think being selfish is the answer, though it is my default.

The balance between self-care (which is NOT selfish) and self obsessed is delicate. I often don’t feel like doing anything- but thats my introverted-ness meshing with my laziness.

Things I want to pay more attention to:

  • Who’s asking me to do something and why? Are they important to me or is the event important to them? Then it needs to become important to me. Must be careful that those people are also a positive addition. Sometimes even important people (like family) can be draining.
  • To avoid emotional vampires do a self check before you agree to something. Do I feel at my best? Is there something I need to do first or instead of that is better for me?
  • Is it fear of the unknown that is making me feel resistant to doing something? Always try something new.
  • Make sure the ones you love are feeling loved. ❤


What do you do to take care of yourself? Or declutter people?



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