debt and dreaming

Me and my boyfriend have decided that it’s a priority for us to become debt free. We both have extra credit card debt and loans that are holding us back from doing whatever we are dreaming about in the moment. Living at the beach, living in an RV, farming, traveling, ect.

Lately I’ve been struggling with money and minimalism. I have this hunger to shop!! I want to buy things that don’t matter and I don’t need– just so I can get a little high from owning.

I’m trying to regaining control but I feel like my goals are to vague. Maybe we will get a house when were debt free (which is what everyone around us is doing), maybe we will move to cali, maybe get another dog. I spent my last little bit on costco pizza and dry shampoo. What I wanted was an oregano plant and a little jar for brown sugar. I want my home to be a place of peace where I can stay and not feel like “running errands” aka unnecessary spending.

This week (friday-friday) I will spend nothing. Try to, at least. I will document any thing that is spent.
I will meal plan.
Outfit plan.
Take walks.



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