closet goals.

I’ve been obsessed with fashion and having a signature look since I picked up my first teen vogue magazine at 13. But being 13, all my money was spent by buying the magazine and had none left over for the chole handbag they said matched my personality. My parents didn’t have a lot of excess money to spend on my defining myself through my wardrobe. They did there best but ultimately back to school shopping was spent on new uniforms and not the latest and greatest. I ended up with lots of hand me downs and walmart “cute” outfits. I always had lots of cheap clothing with nothing to wear. Now that I’m an adult I can control how I’m spending my money and what I’m spending it on.

Each item:
–ethically made
–fills a need or has a purpose
–I love compeletly
–black/white or accent
–replaces something (no duplicates)


Do you have any ethically made brand recommendations???? (for clothes or beauty)
Also on the hunt for the PERFECT jean jacket. Please help.

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