bulk buying & hoarding

I get a little thrill out of purchasing thing I know or hope I am going to love. For me when I love something I want it to become apart of my signature brand. This way I’m not wasting time finding the perfect hand soap because I already know exactly what I want.

One of the main reasons I love the practices of minimalism is because it helps me control my consumerist shopaholic.

The issue I’ve been facing is this panic, of what if it’s discontinued??? I noticed this the other day at targ buy soap because each spring Mrs. Meyers comes out with her seasonal scent of Peony. yum.  But I know in a few months its going to be taken from me. . I want all my products to match. It stresses me out in store.  Same with sale or bargain mentality. Of course I need to buy more to save! The face wash I use was at the Nordstrom Sale where I could get 1,000x the product for the price.  I’m trying to practice only buy what I need for now. Not my future.

Buying goal: all cruelty free items.
Do you guys buy in bulk to save or one at a time to reduce clutter???



  1. Oh my gosh yes…. I decided to just use geranium Mrs Meyers but it’s not to be found in most stores here. So I think I’m moving to just choosing any Mrs. Meyers.. now I’ll just stick to the brand rather than the flavor so I don’t feel so crazy. Isn’t it silly how conflicting it is to try to keep things so perfectly controlled?


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