the morning art of coffee

I find that in my journey for self care the most important part is how I start my day.  I set myself a goal list of things, in a perfect world, I would do each morning. I like to make them goals and not structured schedule that I will quickly give up on and then feel guilty for doing so.  I try to really think about each goal and why they are important. If its ever too much, it’s ok, I have to allow myself grace.

I’ve created a coffee routine where I have to exert some effort for what I get, reminding my body and brain that we created this and it’s a treat.   Coffee is something I enjoy every morning but it can so easily turn into a need. In the process of minimalizing my kitchen- I wanted to love everything I have. I don’t get lost in my coffee making mornings, I enjoy them.

black kettle for boiling water
two matte white cups and saucers (featured in photo)
french press that has always been faithful
coffee grinder that is the perfect size
coffee 🙂
small glass canister for extra grounds. (would love a second for brown sugar)

How do you take care of you in the morning?



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