10×10 capsule

image.jpegToday I’m starting a 10×10 challenge.
I’m going to pick 10 items from my closet to create 10 different outfits for the next 10 days!

I’ve been really wanting to buy all new clothes, so I want something to keep me loving what I have and away from spending!!!!

I picked out a darling color scheme to start and then had to pick out some pieces that will give me a bit of a challenge. Lately it’s been so hot out I’ve been unmotivated by my clothing.

whats included: tops, sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes, coats.

my items:
1. cream tie back top: madewell
2. collared button up red & white stripe top: thrifted
3. blush long sleeved embroidered dress: free people
4. cutoff shorts: levis
5. high waisted black jeans: madewell
6. sam smiths: adidas
7. black slides: franco sarto
8. denim jacket: melrose and market
9. black midi dress: leith
10. black tank top: madewell


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