the basic blog.

The other blogs say (lol) that I need a strong concept to reach readers. To pick something you’re comfortable with. There is too much advice! Half of them just want me to upgrade or download a their custom page theme. Here I’m condensing what I’m reading so I can work on my own blog one step at a time.  I’m still working on my own blogging style and look.

Steps for starting a blog.
1. Visual. What people see.
What’s your blog about? Does it match the theme you selected. A blog on minimalism isn’t going to have lots of extras or colors. White and black and simple. Don’t pick a photo based theme if you aren’t a food or fashion blog. etc.

2. Be “goggle-able”.
Must do more research. All I know is too add “tags”.

3. Make online friends.
Comment on blogs you like. Mimic styles you find appealing, like asking questions to encourage commenting.  Make a little online community. Start by commenting here just to say hello.

4. Money
Wait until you feel like you and your blog have a good thing going and then add some ads! Some links will pay to for affiliating. Especially Amazon.

COMMENT if you have any other useful tips!

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