day one.

Good morning 🙂

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Being basic is a diss. So it’s what I’ve named my blog.A classic basic bitch needs their starbucks, designer bag, and fluffy dog. BB’s are also know to be  privileged , materialistic, and boring. I want NONE of that, usually.  Will I take it? Have I? Of course. I love things–esp. if they are a name brand, my status symbol. Those things make me feel like I’m accomplishing some aspect of the “American Dream”. The things people can see and make assumptions about who I am. I try so hard to control that narrative. But so far in life (hello 28 years of living) I’ve found myself confused and unhappy. All the things the world wants me to love leaves me feeling insatiable.

I need to rid myself of other peoples thoughts. Even as I write this, I’m critiquing why I am doing and some fake audience is hurting my feelings.

I am at this weird transition place. I’ve been working in the salon for the last three years. When people ask how I initially got into hair my story is based off a whim. I just did it. I learned a skill. I learned a lot about myself, mostly from just seeing myself in the mirror so often and choosing not to hate the way I look.  I learned about friendship in a superficial career and insecurities everyone has. Everyone wants to be their best, and I want to help in that process but I feel broken. Is it time to move on for the health of my soul? Or was my unhappiness just an attitude? Or am I continually choosing to be unhappy?

Basic defined is: forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.  I need to define what my essential foundations are explore how to refine those.

Somethings I value today: friendship, laughing, independence, faith, organization, appearance, strength

My dream life: Wake up with the sunlight, sip coffee and connect with myself– maybe looking a flowers or the ocean, read thoughtful texts– bible, devotional, quotes, good books, meet friends for lunch– I don’t overeat or choose unhealthy options, I walk Buffy, I garden, I cook,  I read, I drink wine, I love people, I help, I feel whole and centered.

I’m bored and unhappy with my own dream life typed out. But  I crave that peace, so why am I not putting those dreams into practice today????

Today I will practice thinking nice things about myself. “I am kind, I am graceful, I am happy.”


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